"CBSE Circulars updated. Check "Circulars" option for new updates. The Central Board of Secondary Education has decided to cancel the exams of Class 10 and 12 scheduled from July 1 to 15 in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.

Vice Principal's

My greetings to all the parents, teachers, students and well wishers. Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!

"Education is not the name of any Degree or Certificate that can be shown to others as a proof... but... Education is the name of our attitude, actions, language, behaviour and personality with others in real life."

A civilization which puts a high premium upon education of the mind is in danger of forgeting the training of character. Never before in the history of the world has there been so much education, and never before more wars , chaos and juvenile delinquency. It must follow then that knowledge alone doe not create virtues; in fact, of and by itself, it can be very dangerous. It is said that "knowledge has in it somewhat of the serpent, and therefore when it enters into man it makes him swell." The knowledge any person possess is trivial in comparison with the summa of knowledge. Newton once said that he felt as if he were standing on the shore, and the ocean of truth stretched infinitely before him.

Knowledge indeed is power, but it can be power for evil as well as for good, unless like an engine it has its safety valve. It takes character to save knowledge from conciet, intolerance and selfishness. Education at its best should expand the mind and build character. Character education works best when teachers, parents and members of the community work together. As parents and educators, let us commit ourselves to teach our children core values so that they may grow up to be caring, confident and respectful adults who will bring glory to the school and the nation.

I wish you all a wonderful school year!

Sr. Anu George
(Vice Principal)
St. Patrick's Sr. Sec. School, Jaunpur