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Fit India Movement

The FIT INDIA WEEK were conducted in our school.
DAY 1 - HEALTHY STEPS- Students were actively participated in physical exercises session.

DAY 2 - IMPORTANCE OF YOGA-There was as Yoga programme organized the highlight the importance of yoga in our daily life. Various exercises were demonstrated by the trainers on the day.

DAY 3 -SWATCH BHARATH:The students were informed about plastic waste awareness and management. On this day cleaned the school campus and collected all the plastic waste.

DAY 4 - FOOD SAFETY AWARENESS : Food Safety officers(FSSAI) were invited to make the students aware of the hazards of consuming junk food. Students were also administered oath were they pledged to consume healthy food.

DAY 5 - HEALTH MIND IN HEALTH BODY:Through skit and display cards principles of Gandhi ji were displayed. DAY 6- CLEAN INDIA : Through skit and display cards principles of Gandhiji were displayed.

Importance of Water

Importance of Yoga

Sports Day

Sports Day

Tree Plantation